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Software included into Zond package are paid. Software delivered via e-mail(or download from this website ) and dongles  sent by UPS service. For full functionality software should work with USB  dongle, it means that client have dongle. In all other cases software will work in demonstration mode. In this mode some functions are locked or software works only with limited amount of data. DVD of Zond software USB dongle key - senselock Software delivered with dongle key SenseLock. The general distributor of Zond software package is “Zond software LTD” company (Cyprus EU). Zond programs are product “as is”, i.e. the program is accepted exactly in that condition in what it is, with all possible bugs and defects. Updates and bug errors solutions will be included in new releases and posted regularly on Zond site. Registered user will be entitled to two year of free  updates. You can buy the software in the next ways: Standard invoicing with banking transfer. Purchase hardware license with USB dongle key. Cost of the dongle+shipment is 70 euro. Please  prepare your companies details(+VAT number for EU countries) and shipment address. ^ Expected delivery time 1-2 weeks.  UPS service. Based on our experience:
  • 1 week for EU, UK, USA, Canada.
  • 2 weeks for Asia.
  • 2 weeks  for South America and Africa.
In case of delay we can provide temporary license for short period. ^ Zond software is small company and we do not take a part in tenders, because it involves a lot of paper work. If you represent government company, please ask us about local reseller.  Training prices:
  • On-line training, 400 euro per hour (4 hours per day max).
  • Training on our side(Cyprus), 1 day 1000 Euro^.
^ visa expenses, accommodation and flights doesn’t included in these prices. For reservation of zondst2d/zondres2d/zondres3d trainings in English please email directly to Ilia Gusakov

Intellectual property’s certificate and patent:

 Sertificate for Zond software

Patent for Zond software