MT-corrector is designed for viewing, editing and approximation of the impedance tensor components frequency dependencies by a smoothing spline. The program has a developed graphic interface and a number of special features. It can be an important part of any program complex intended for editing and interpretation of magnetotelluric data. Software features The results of MT data processing are frequency dependencies (MT responses) of impedance tensor and Vise-Parkinson matrix components. Most of processing algorithms produce non-smooth responses, that particularly contain “outliers”. This leads to severe difficulties in subsequent analysis and interpretation of such data. The MT-Corrector software allows to view, edit and smooth the MT responses in frequency domain using spline fitting. MT-Corrector software for postprocessing of MT data         MT-Corrector, in particular, allows:
  • Phoenix and Metronix systems full compatibility
  • view the frequency responses (MT curves), calculated as a result of a standard processing procedure
  • delete individual points and groups of points, which could be composed using various criteria
  • add additional reference points in reliance on the information on the noise behavior in the frequency domain, etc.
  • perform the smoothing spline approximations of the responses, providing the compromise between contradictory: (a) maximal closeness of the spline to the average value of the response for each period and (b) maximal smoothness of the spline
  • compare the phase response splines to ones calculated from corresponding apparent resistivities
  • analyze the data presented in the form of modulus (amplitude) and phase, or real and imaginary parts of the impedance tensor components as well as in the form of apparent resistivity
  •  multiply the amplitude response by a given factor as well as invert the phase response or change it by a multiple of 1800
MT-Corrector software for postprocessing of MT data   MT-Corrector software is a convenient and friendly tool for the observed MT responses viewing, editing and spline-fitting. The software has a well-developed GUI with lots of functions and  could be an important part of any MT interpretational system. Software has a friendly graphical user interface providing large number of features and capabilities, which allows to rapidly improve the quality of the responses even in case of low-accuracy data.                  
Version 04 / 3 / 2024 |  Demo: download  | Full: download  |  Video: download